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Lend your support to ensure our voice is heard.

The NDIS Review will hand down its recommendations to government in October.

But it’s not too late to ensure the voice of the Neurological Alliance Australia, our members and the Australians we serve are heard.

1 in 6 Australians live with a neurological or neuromuscular conditions and neurological disorders in Australia, with an annual cost to the Australian economy of over $36 billion.

The NAA is calling for improved NDIS understanding of neurological or neuromuscular conditions and neurological disorders.

Chief among our recommendations is the establishment of a neurological voice within the advisory and consultative structure of the NDIA which will ensure fairer representation for those living with neurological or neuromuscular conditions and neurological disorders, improved understanding and ultimately better outcomes.

It’s a call to action we share with our member organisation, MS Australia.

MS Australia is actively campaigning for a Better NDIS for people living with MS, with many of the proposed reforms benefitting all people living with neurological conditions.

Together with the establishment of a neurological advisory panel, MS Australia is also championing universal and NAA-aligned improvements to the NDIS, including timely access, inclusive and equitable care within and outside of the NDIS, access to assistive technology and accommodation and an end to the age discrimination that sees many Australians aged 65 unfairly treated.  

To show your support, sign on to the open letter to the NDIS Review by clicking the button below which will take you directly to the MS Australia campaign page.

Rohan Greenland

Chair, NAA

CEO, MS Australia

David Ali

Deputy Chair, NAA

CEO, MND Australia

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